10 Ways Ottomans Can Enhance a Room

10 Ways Ottomans Can Enhance a Room

Have you ever thought about how many uses there are for the cushion you use to prop up your feet? The ottoman has evolved, and in modern decor, it can serve as a coffee table, extra sitting, and storage! Ottomans come in different sizes and are the hidden jewel that your room might be missing. Don't pass up on using this useful piece of furniture in the center of the room to save space or to make a statement. Here are 5 ways that ottomans can improve your space. 

1.) Ottomans are a terrific option for apartments and homes with open floor plans that share seats with more than one room. For instance, there might only be place for one seating area in an open concept living and family room. With the addition of pillows and being pushed up against a wall, ottomans can be used as a couch or left alone to bring seating to a communal area.

2.) Footrests are timeless: The original purpose of an ottoman was for you to rest your feet on it, and this custom will never die. Determine the space you have for yours. Sizes for ottomans are available in square, tiny, and widths as small as a couch.

3.) Keep things inside: Small-item storage is necessary in every living room or family room. Whether it's for movies, video games, remote controls, or kid's toys. The best storage that is accessible and expertly camouflages itself is found in ottomans with a hinged top. At the foot of the bed in master bedrooms, ottomans with storage also function nicely. 

4.) Visual appeal: Many different types of ottomans are interesting and visually appealing due to their shapes and geometric arrangements. Think about a circle-shaped set of ottomans that, when broken apart, can provide four equal wedges of seats. Ottomans come in a variety of shapes, from circular to serpentine designs. 

5.) Tuck away seats: Ottomans are a great option for sitting that can be taken out as needed if you're attempting to save room. This style of seating is perfect for entertaining because it features individual seats or ottoman benches with casters or rollers below them. When not in use, tuck seats under the table, which gives the ottoman a completely new use.

6.) Use them as a coffee table: A coffee table is a table that sits next to a couch and is used to set objects down and showcase them. In recent years, ottomans have gotten bigger and more functional, allowing them to double as coffee tables. The ottoman can be used to hold a drink tray or to display periodicals.

7.) Kid-friendly: Ottomans made of materials like denim or tweed, which are suitable for children, can be utilized as a flat surface for children to play on while they sit on the floor. Larger ottomans can be utilized for board games and socializing with friends without taking up space at your home's main dining table or in the common areas.

8.) Choose complementary colors to match your ottoman. For quick color combinations, use a hue from your walls, artwork, or fabric. The ottoman can complement your current décor or match the nearby furniture.

9.) Use as a showpiece: It's true that ottomans are now acting as the room's centerpiece and as "all eyes on me" décor. Luxurious textiles and fabrics, including tufted fabrics. Ottomans can seem informal in a rustic setting or lavish and opulent in a wealthy one. Any ottoman that plays the job of a showstopper is available.

10.) Sit back and unwind: In many houses, the ottoman is just as comfy for lounging on as the furniture next to it. Consider selecting big ottomans so you may relax in your home and create a more tranquil atmosphere. Ottomans can serve as both a useful footrest and a topic of conversation. Look online and in home décor magazines for ideas; there is a wealth of inspiration for ottomans available. Determine your ottoman's purpose and the area you will use it in first. If you follow these ten suggestions, your ottoman can end up becoming your favorite piece of furniture. Tell us how you utilize your ottoman in your house, Freshome readers. Does it serve as storage, or is it only the room's lovely focal point? Please share your thoughts with us. 

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