6 Ottoman Decor Ideas for a contemporary Living Room

6 Ottoman Decor Ideas for a contemporary Living Room

Ottomans offer a blend of comfort and function to a home's living room. They can serve as extra sitting and, with the correct styling, as a coffee table where you can put books, a drink, or other favored accessories. They are also known as hassocks or foot stools. These ottoman decorating ideas will unify your living area and create a gathering place for guests.


  1. Include a Colorful Tray

A wood tray painted in a color that complements your throw cushions gives a living room a finished look that is coherent. Using a tray, you can set drinks or a vase of flowers on the ottoman. A vibrant bouquet of flowers, books, and magazines that are stacked provide height and texture to the arrangement.


  1. Tuck under a table

When you have a house full of visitors, a pair of ottomans with a colorful print not only add color and character to the space, but they also provide extra sitting. Ottomans can be kept concealed and out of the way under an entryway table. Alternately, you can conceal them by utilizing them as footrests until you need to use them as seats.


  1. Establish a bar area

You won't even need to get up from the couch to make a drink with this ottoman decorating concept. A bar station with glasses, whiskey, and a traditional decanter is set up on a low-profile tray. You only need to add ice to get ready for company.


  1. Arrange Books

Fresh flowers are a timeless fashion choice that look particularly lovely when arranged in a beautiful container. For a fun way to play with height and display your favorite flowers, stack coffee table books on a tray. In order to prevent your accessories from falling over, start with the broadest book first (even if it is not the thickest).



  1. Play with shapes

By combining accessories with various shapes, such as a rectangular tray on a round ottoman, you may create contrast and interest in your ottoman design. A wood tray can always be sanded and painted to the precise shade that will go with your area.


  1. Add some color

If you're unsure of what hue to use, take inspiration from the colors that already exist in the space. Bright blues and coral-colored hues are a great idea to keep a living area lively and enjoyable. Add a coral tray, maybe a blue vase and other accents, and your living area can transform into a vibrant and cozy space.

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