8 Brilliant Christmas Decorating Tips for an Amazing Home

8 Brilliant Christmas Decorating Tips for an Amazing Home

Do you enjoy having a Christmassy home? However, when you have a house to decorate both inside and out, it can be overwhelming. It's yet another Christmas-related stress that, let's be honest, we could do without!

So, how can we make our homes look festive without spending hours or a fortune (! )?

Our Team at Home Soft Things put together an overview of Christmas decorating ideas that will inspire you.

They cover everything from planning to individual items like the tree and the dinner table - and allow you to decorate according to your own budget and taste - so let's get started and make your home look fantastic this holiday season.


  1. Include Cozy Fabrics And Textures

Fabrics such as flannel, wool, grain-sack, and velvet can add a cozy feel. I enjoy incorporating these textures into my home with pillows, blankets, table runners, and so on.

Clay is another texture we enjoy using in our holiday decorations.


  1. Add a Personal Touch With Handmade Items

How about using photos from last year of the first snowfall or Christmas Memories with your family and framing them to make ornaments for our Christmas tree.

Of course, you could make some handmade ornaments with your children during the holidays.

Christmas ornaments made by hand hung on a blue and white decorated tree.

Homemade ornaments add such a personal touch and make your home unique, and they're one-of-a-kind.


  1. Incorporate Greenery and Natural Elements

One of the benefits of using natural elements to decorate is that they are inexpensive!

Go out to a tree on your property and cut some of the branches to add to the tops of armoires and hutches, as well as to make garlands, handmade wreaths, and other decorations.

You can also use some lovely faux wreaths and garland that you can re-use every year.

Fresh greenery, bells, and candles adorn an antique hutch.


Use popular greenery such as cypress, pine, spruce, and fir, but I also consider using eucalyptus and herbs such as rosemary. They are lovely for the holiday season.

Even if you switch it up and do different color themes each year, greenery is neutral enough to go with any style.

Greenery, whether fresh or faux, never goes out of style. It's a lovely addition to your home's decor. Because you can use greenery throughout your home all year, this isn't even a Christmas decorating tip.


  1. Include A Separate Tree For The Kids

Enjoy having my pretty themed tree that looks so nice in our family room.

Of course, the kids enjoy putting all of their fun little ornaments and handmade ornaments on the tree, so why not put another tree upstairs in the kids' bedroom and let them decorate it however they want.

They can string their own brightly colored lights, hung my childhood ornaments as well as ornaments they painted, and added ribbon.

Give your kids complete decorating freedom.


  1. Stockings

This is possibly one of our favorite Christmas decorating ideas. Stockings are not only for fireplace mantels and for children to open on Christmas morning, but you can use them in many different ways throughout your home.

You can hang them all over the house this year: on the knobs of a pie safe, on hutches, and on the banister. They also look great hung on the end of a bed or outside on a door. They're pretty much everywhere.


  1. Bring candles and firewood inside.

If you don't have a fireplace, you can still bring in the cozy element of fire by bringing in some candles and firewood.

Use some handmade dipped beeswax tapered candles, and wrap them in paper and twine to make them more cozy.

As a Christmas decorating tip, use handmade dipped tapered beeswax candles to add warmth to a room. They look great when displayed on a table or hutch.

You can also add candles to some antique brass candlesticks and firewood to a wooden crate near the entryway to give it a cozy feel. 



  1. Keep It Simple and Small

No matter what stage of life you're in or where you live, you can still add cozy touches, even if it's just to one room with a little greenery or candles. A little holiday cheer can be added to your home with just a few decorations.

As I previously stated, our house isn't finished, and this place doesn't feel like a ready-to-decorate home, but I still added holiday touches to the places where we could, and it's made a huge difference.


  1. Start wrapping gifts early

If you have the chance to go Christmas shopping early, I recommend wrapping the gifts and then placing them around the house.

Even if it's not under the tree, you can use small packages as decor on top of a hutch or pie safe, or anywhere that appears to be in need of something.


  1. There are lights everywhere

At Christmas, we adore all of the twinkling lights.

Since daylight savings is coming to an end, you can add lights wherever I can to give our home that beautiful cozy glow.


  1. Play Christmas music and make it a family event

Listen to Christmas music all day and just enjoyed decorating the house.

We hope you found some of our favorite Christmas decorating ideas useful. For our collection of Christmas Blankets and Pillows, please visit https://www.homesoftthings.com/collections/christmas-sale